No label. I don't believe body or mind should not be narrowed to one form of anything. If I can work daily towards a greater sense of limitless then I'll feel accomplished as a human trying to create...whether it's in front of a camera, behind, on a stage, or making music. Don't know much, and don't pretend to...but thirsty for it all.

As of January 2018.

Jacqueline Tozzi is a creative producer/company member of Wilderness, an experiential theatre company based in Los Angeles that works internationally to push the envelope of traditional theatre-going experiences. The company just celebrated a sold out run of their original work 'Our Country' at New York's Public Theater just last week. 

She also produces/directs/writes her own comedic and dramatic content. Five years ago Jacqueline created the character 'Jean' who went viral on Vine...closing out with over 4 million views. This past fall she and director Whit Conway successfully released Jean's 1st episode: 'JEAN at the beach'. After a feature on 'Funny or Die', and push for another episode the two successfully shot episode 2 - airing in March 2018. 

Her short film 'Dames' was also a runner up in GirlGaze TV & Glamour Magazine's "NewView Film Project"...a competition celebrating women in the arts.