If I can work daily towards a greater sense of limitless then I'll feel accomplished as a human trying to create...whether it's in front of a camera, behind, on a stage, or making music. Don't know much, and don't pretend to...but thirsty for it all.

As of January 2019.

Jacqueline Tozzi is a creative producer/company member of Wilderness, an experiential theatre company based in Los Angeles that works internationally to push the envelope of traditional theatre-going experiences. The company just celebrated a sold out run of their original work 'Our Country' at New York's Public Theater just last week. 

She also produces/directs/writes her own comedic and dramatic content. Five years ago Jacqueline created the character 'Jean' who went viral on Vine...closing out with over 4 million views. This past fall she and director Whit Conway successfully released Jean's 1st episode: 'JEAN at the beach'. After a feature on 'Funny or Die', and push for another episode the two successfully shot episode 2 - airing in May 2019. 

Her short film 'Dames' was also a runner up in GirlGaze TV & Glamour Magazine's "NewView Film Project"...a competition celebrating women in the arts. 

Jacqueline has booked the lead in the upcoming short ‘When It’s Late’, directed by Mitch Hadley…to shoot in April of 2019.